Davide Sorrenti +
Richard Avedon SCREEN TEST

A Note From TINGS Publisher Michael Flutie

In Honor of my friend Davide Sorrenti, photographer, a poster child of Rebellion. 1976-1997

Dear Davide,

For your forty-fifth birthday, we celebrate you with Francesca, Steve, Mario, Vanina, Arsun, Gray, Lennon, and your SKE crew.

You join the ranks of trailblazers and fierce revolutionaries whose rebellion has stood the test of time. My time with you, and your impulsive creativity, continues to inspire me to push boundaries and listen to the conversations of the current generation.

To all fearless REBELS – who make, try, or break the rules, pioneer movements, ignite revolutions, fight battles, protect philosophies, create conversation through art and innovation, and invent the future, and anyone who desires to leave a mark on our world we recognize your power everyday.

Happy Birthday!